As well as clean-up and removal of branch waste.

Online booking

Fixed price on plots between 300-700 sqm.

Villa DKK. 1.995, -

Allotment gardens DKK. 1,395

Companies with plots in between 500 - 1000 sqm.

DKK 3.295, -

The price is not calculated per meter or based on whether there is one or two sides to be cut, but solely based on the size of the plot. The price applies to plots of between about 300 - 700 sqm. and covers the size of a typical allotment garden plot, or villa plot.

If your hedge is very wild, with thick trunks or small trees in the hedge that need to be pruned, there may be a surcharge. Therefore, in this case, write a description of your hedge, possibly with a photo, under contact.

The price applies to private individuals and companies located in Copenhagen's Vestegn municipalities.

For allotment garden owners who cannot use the service deduction, a discount of DKK 250 is given, so that the price for allotment garden owners on leased land is DKK 1,395.

Cut down to about max height of 2 meters., Your hedge should be higher, write message to get for a quote.

Should you live outside the Vestegn municipalities, you can obtain an offer.

Should your hedge be nice and freshly mowed already when the long days begin, then you can save 25% on winter mowing from November to March.

New Hedge / Construction of hedges.

If you need to change the hedge, or have just planted a hedge, you can request a written offer during contact.



You can now book time to increase online, by going to the link Online Booking.

Here you can find the days that suit you best, and you can also book appointments for 2022 right now.



Should you have planted a new hedge, or replaced the old one, you can obtain a non-binding written offer. You must state how many meters you must have planted, which hedge plants you want, and whether there is a special hedge that needs to be dug up. Establishment of hedges takes place in autumn, winter and early spring.


Din lokale hækkeklipper. Spar 25% på vinterklipning af din hæk fra november til og med marts måned.
Hækkeklipperen Vestegnen, din lokale hækkeklipper. Tilbyder hækkeklipning i Brøndby, Rødovre, Glostrup, Vallensbæk, Høje Taastrup, Albertslund, og Ishøj. Virksomheden ejes af Kim Limkilde-Welcher.


Your local hedge trimmer / Hedge trimmer Vestegnen, is a one-man business owned by Kim Limkilde-Welcher.

It is also Kim who comes out to you when you need to mow the hedge, trim the hedge, or build a new hedge for you. Kim has worked with gardeners for many years, first as an employee in Sommerbyen Ejby as a gardener in 2006, then as an independent gardener from 2011 - 2015 where he performed all types of gardener tasks for municipal institutions, housing associations, companies and private individuals.

Kim had to close down his business in 2015 after sustaining a work accident in connection with a tree felling. He then chose to take a bachelor's degree as a social educator, and today works concurrently in social psychiatry. However, Kim missed the free life in nature, which is why in 2021 he chose to found the company Hækkeklipperen Vestegnen, where he exclusively deals with this niche in the industry.


In addition to cutting the hedge, it is also possible to have the hedge trimmed if it has become so high that it is not possible to cut it down or into the desired height or width. If you want the big replacement of the hedge, or the construction of a brand new hedge, this is also offered.


DKK 1.995,- 

The hedge is cut both in height and on both sides facing the road or public area.

The price does not include pruning of the hedge, ie. that the hedge is cut down and into the desired height and width, however, max approx. 2 meters in height, but is not cut further down or in than where it is possible to cut with a hedge trimmer in relation to the thickness of the trunks. Cut branch waste is cleared and driven to the recycling site.

The price only applies to plots of between approx. 300 -700 sqm. in Copenhagen's Vestegns Kommununner Is your plot significantly larger, or is your plot outside the above municipalities, an offer is given



Offers are given

Pruning the hedge should preferably take place in the autumn and winter months so that the hedge is not bare during the growing season.

Pruning is done if you want your hedge to be renewed, or cut well down in height, or into width.

However, if you want to cut the hedge into the width, it is recommended that you prune one side one year and the other side the other year, so that the hedge already has leaves on one side from the growth period.


Offers are given

The price for the construction of a new hedge depends on whether there is an existing hedge that needs to be dug up and disposed of.

How many meters of hedge to plant. Which hedge to plant.

The height of the hedge. Should it be barroded, or planted with a clump.

Vestegns municipalities consist of the following municipalities.